Who is Mustafa Merter?

Mustafa Merter, is a school representer in Turkey which is called as “transpersonal” psychiatry school. He is affected by Jung’s and existence analyses form Zurih, and then, he adopted 1st Yalom group’s Therapy methods. In the last ten years he had transferred his all experiences to transpersonal psychiatry. Especially, he focused to understand the mystical transpersonal psychology. In this field, he tried to create a synthesis by inspiring from international studies. In 2005, he established “transpersonal psychology Organization in Istanbul- Turkey. And he is still working with a huge ambition.

The kinds of depressions are different for each individual. There are heavy and light depressions. And there is a kind of depression which is called “neojenic depression” by Victor Frankl, it means soul’s depression. Neojenic depression is a depression of not having spiritualism, not living transcendence and always being in the same fold.

Depression causes a heavy tension for people. You feel like sticking in a cage. In such cases the person use drugs or linger different kinds of feelings, he can be in an aim to different sexual tendencies or do extreme sports. Anyway, what is the meaning of spiritualism in our minds? It means “spacious”. It means “hayye alel felah*” which is repeated 5 times in a day in mosques! (*In Arabic language, it means: let’s go spacious!) What does it mean? It means break-through! For what? For breaking-through the ontological position! You did not created by Allah for that! Break-through and go. What is it going on; when you breaked- through? You start to live good cases in that time: The Peace, the serenity, the salvation and the consent etch.

So, can we say have consent, then please yourself?

Of course yeah… If a person can not live those cases, he can feel a bad boredom. He can feel himself like being in a small area. And that person can live a very big tragedy.

(Thanks to Büşra Nur Karaarslan for translation)

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