Emine Şimşek

Being beautiful is a feeling everybody has inside themselves and lots of ways are tried for this. “What is beauty?”, “Who is called as beautiful?” are questionable, but there is definitely a ‘beauty’. To be a beautiful person, you need neither products having a lot of chemicals in it, nor herbal these and those. There are such ways for this that both your inside and outside will be beautiful. Moreover, your time will be, too. And how?

Here is the most valid ways for being more beautiful and beautiful:

1. Before everything, have always in stock the name ‘Allah’. In every step you have, every work you do, ‘Allah’ will be in your mouth and heart. If you banish Allah’s existence for a second, you will do beneficial works, go beneficial places according to this and stay away from all the dirtiness. By this, both your skin and heart stay clean.

2. Read Quran abundantly. Looking at Quran enlightens your eyes, gives liveliness to your face and peace to your inside. Also you put your time to a very good use.

3. Give necessary importance to your prayers. Wear your most beautiful clothes and then go in front of Allah. Get prepared for prayer in the same way as you wear your most clean and beautiful clothes when you have guests or you go for a visit. By this way, both you understand the importance of prayer better and feel good.

4. Evaluate your intent while beginning to a work. The ones you have good intents also have a good heart, and these people’s inside reflects their outside. You can start to clean your inside by being purified from the physical and spiritual dirtiness.

5. Before or after the first prayer of the day open the window and keep your face to the untouched cleanliness of the weather. This clean weather gives you dynamism while it is humidifying your face. Also you can take your foreordination abundantly.

6. Don’t neglect the midday sleep. Our Prophet (s.a.v) used to sleep after praying in midday and this sleep was named as ‘Kaylûle’. Our Prophet (s.a.v) says: “Do Kaylûle in midday. Surely, devils don’t do Kaylûle in midday.” (Muslîm). Besides being proved the benefits of this sleep scientifically, you benefit from this more if you do this for performing a Sunna. Kaylûle will provide your memory to stay livelier by making your body and soul relax. Also, you have the hapiines of performing a Sunna inside your hearts.

7. As far as possible, try to be with people who talk about Allah and the subjects which are useful for your religious and scientific development, not about worldly things. Stay far away from gossip. Accusing wrongly the others dirty your outside as well as your inside.

8. Escape from the eye tracks on you immediately and don’t stay long in the places with the other genres. By this way, there will be no tracks arising from the glances on your faces and your figure will have a cleaner looking.

9. Think about all the things you do when a day finishes. The life doesn’t consist of just this, think about the future. Learn crying as laughing in the right time and place. Crying feels you relieved, provides you looking more beautifully and being more tolerant. Crying reminds you that you are a human being and why you exist. People who can cry are beautiful.

10. Speak little and stay silent more instead of speaking too much. You will think much more as you stay silent, you will understand the truth better as you think, and you will head towards Allah as you understand. The rest automatically will come easily and quickly.

I just tell you, try and see how beautiful you will be.

(Thanks to Merve Bozkır for translation)

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