One day if there will be no where to exploit, then there will be no men to be battened! I guess, from that time, the poors can be free. When the rich people go away from their neck, when the men die who are always looking them like they are “miserable”…

The men, who are poor, can be understood immediately when they go to a business meal. Because, their eating forms split on which class they belong. Recently, I read somewhere that:

A laborer man who took his friend to a meal asks about meal to his friend: “Did you have had enough?” In the same case, a low bourgeois asks the question like this: “Is it delicious?” A different question from a high level bourgeois is that: “Is it Elegant?”

Isn’t it very comic? Really, our cases are very comic. I am sure that if all of poor people can read that they are jailed in a “have had enough” category, they laugh. Starvation is not a barrier to laugh or to jape. And even, starvation is a thing which develops the wittiness. I always think that the poors are smiling a lot then the others. For instance, homeless people that live in New York Underground, laugh very much to the CEOs in lux wears who speak about the global food crisis. Or, the Asian farmers lie down from laugh when the “slow food” founder says “eating is an agricultural activity” in Italy. From now on, rich men’s worries about “necessary of ecological sustainability of food” are added to verminous villagers’ flurries of subsistence. The event is simple. You work, we eat, and then it continues.

With lots of difficulties, making different definitions should not be anything expect an aim of “looking noble” for going back to traditional/older. Soon, the people will say “the policies of global food crisis did not work” instead of “we are hungry!” Or, they will slam like that: “our country`s economy is collapsed. Our income level can`t prevent to increasing our stomach`s acids.” I could not understand why is important to demonstrate the starvation like it is elegant?

Such as, is death from starvation also elegant? It is possible that a European can change a new about deaths from starvation in Angola, because of not finding elegant it. For instance, eating mice from starvation in Zambia or coveting to frogs by children in Argentina also could not be elegant for Europeans. Do I explain that starvation is not elegant but insensitive conscientious is very aesthetic? Rich men’s feelings about as they are owner all the other people and all the fertile lands are aesthetic but it is not elegant that the real owners use their lands for themselves.

Nowadays, there are some people who has an operation to have a stomach clamp or use something like that for undermine. I suppose, the poor men forget their starvations while watching those people’s races whose goal is only losing weight and becoming in a “thin and modern” a category in that epoch.

For me, people separate in two categories: The first one; the people who thinks the starvation causes some negative effects like tension, restlessness, and decreased toleration, difficulty in concentrating, nervousness, weakness, low blood pressure, slow movement, and somnolence. And the other one, the people who thinks the starvation causes to be in a discipline. I read all of hadiths about that before writing this. In fact, the hadiths are not exactly about starvation. They are about satiety which makes people forget their starvations.

Now, the experts also agree that toughness is a sickness. Constantly being fed is coming into a habit. So, people die just for losing their accustomed toughness, not for starvation. So, starvation of an African and a European are not same. Their starvation thresholds are different. European`s starvation is more intense. May be that is why politics have also improved upon about so violent and fear of starvation. Some people thought that the starvation equalizes the people. I think, the starvation can provide nullifying the ideologies and systems but it cannot equalize anyone. The people whose animalistic senses are dominant and the people who advanced to discipline of their senses can perceive different signals from their stomachs. Like difference about starvation from fasting or starvation from other times. The internal and external factors also make the starvation unique as a fingerprint. With a look from outside, surveys, statistics and advertisements like "can’t live without eating them" can provide even the rich thought themselves like `impotent, deficient and half`. And that can provide them to have a stomach which is always expanding. While Rich men`s stomachs are expanding, the poor’s rights don`t go to them and remains in their hand. And even, they can desire an Ethiopian child`s soil that will nearly die.

Thus, higher income from rented areas to foreign investors for 90 years is swallowed with the psychology of starvation in Ethiopia. If you want we can present it in an elegant name like “to invest in local agricultural markets” too.

One day if there will be no where to exploit, then there will be no men to be battened! I guess, from that time, the poors can be free. When the rich people go away from their neck, when the men die who are always looking them like they are “miserable”…

Anyway, I want to finish my words with asking this question to wild capitalism for proletest, hungriest and poorest people:

“Did you have had enough?”  

(Thanks to Büşra Nur Karaarslan for translation)

Ayşegül Genç'ın Yazısı.