Al-hamdulillah, approximately 200 participant from 18 country which study medical sciences gathered in Istanbul for 14th FIMA (Federation of Islamic Medical Associations) Student Camp

FIMA, is an umbrella organization for IMAs from different countries. Students from IMAs meet at FIMA Student Camps annually. This year 14th camp is hosted Hayat Health and Social Services Foundation which is FIMA’s Turkey member. This camp, which is the most participated Student Camp ever, completed at last weekend. Our organization committee, which is coordinated by Dr. Mehmet Güllüoğlu, started to work 3 months ago.

Camp was started on 10th July Tuesday at Zeytinburnu Garden of Medical Plants. Students listened presentations about “career planning”, joined workshops to discuss about different medical career options. IMAs shared their projects by presenting their activity summaries and gave information about their selves.

Speakers from Turkey: parliament member Dr. Murtaza Yetiş, CEO of Doctors World Wide Prof. Dr. İhsan Karaman, Istanbul Director of Health Dr. Ali İhsan Dokucu and with his original theories about Arab Spring Dr. Hasan Kösebalaban from Istanbul Şehir University.

Not only scientific program, there was also social program too. Volunteer friends in our committee guided their guests at Sultanahmet Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Museum of Islamic Science and Technology, Fatih Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Süleymaniye and Eyüp Sultan Mosque. And they take a Bosphorus Tour together. Last weekend, the program ended with sportive activities in Kefken. (Kocaeli Province)

New and “without border” friendships are started and we tasted brotherhood again. Insha’Allah these friendships give rise to new collaborations. World is waiting for us, isn’t it?

We linked our minds and hearts by dialogs in and out of the schedule of camp. Insha’Allah these links will get stronger and our friendships won’t get forgotten. Anyway songs that are singed in every small break (even in breaks between two speech which is not longer then 30 sec) by Jordanian and Lebanese students, will be in our minds for a long time :)

Efforts of our guests to learn Turkish caused funny dialogs. And whenever we use Quranic/Islamic words which we concurred on them, we felt that we are one family. We pray for Damascus, Cairo, Jerusalem and whole Ummah.

As Muslim medical students, thanks to Hayat Foundation and organization committee for their effort, all participants and directors of FIMA, IMA-KSA, WAMY.

May Allah helps to improve brotherhood in between the Muslim medical students and whole Ummah by this program. Al-Hamdulillahi’l-Hakeem, who have “made us nations and tribes that we may know each other”…

Frequently used phrases: brother, salamun alaikum, please don’t be late, O Oo o - E Ee e (from Jordanians’ shouts ;)

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