Talker: Hatice Sari

This is a life story, Santiago’s life story. He is from Colombia, and lives in London. He’s studing university in London. When we decided to do an interview with him, I say “We’re doing everything for Islam.” He liked this sentence, and first of all we speak about this, doing everything for Islam. Let’s read his story of reverting.

If its for Islam ill never say no, i really admire people who is working for islam, just like u, cause they are working not only for themselves but for the people as well, and thats what we all should do, helping the words of islam to run all over the world until everyone find their way to Islam and some day inshallah the whole world will be a Muslim brotherhood of unity and peace.

Regarding to myself, as u know my name is Santiago, i`m from Colombia, South America (not London), which religion is 90% Roman catholic, Im currently living and studying University in London. Since many years ago i asked myself about whats my purpose in life and why everything is the way it is, therefore i started searching for my own way not following what people in my country normally follows cause i believed in better, on the way i looked into many religions and theories, but there was always something missing, until i found Islam.

Thank you so much and agree with you for your wishes. inshaallah the whole world`ll be together as you say, and we have many obligation for this way, Islam. Allah says; `the humans are my caliph.` It`s so exiting to hear this.

Ok, let’s begin the interview. :)

When I read about you, I saw this sentence; `I looked into many religions, but there was only something missing.` lets we talk about `these missings.` what are these? What is something missing according to you?

When I refer to something missing, I mean the feeling that Quran and Islam gives, is a feeling like no other that I never experienced before and I thought I was complete before being Muslim, but after start reading Quran and feeling this I felt complete, like never before, and that’s one of the most beautiful things in Islam that you can actually feel it for real.

How did you find Islam? Who helped you, or did you find everything alone?

Well… actually it was kind of coincidence but a miracle at the same time cause was one of the last religions I searched about, and when I started reading about it suddenly I started to met nice Muslim people who helped me all the way long and thought me a lot about it. Then when I actually get into reading Quran I really felt Islam was my way, and also I realized that is the most perfect way to approach to God without anything in between.

What did your family and friends do when they heard that you`re a Muslim?

In my family each one has a different religion so there wasn’t a big reaction about it, they simply respect my decision and somehow felt happy about it, regarding to my friends, my close friends where shocked when I first told them, they actually couldn’t believe it because to follow Islam I had to give up lots of things that in my culture are part of the daily life, but to be honest nowadays I don’t miss any of those things.

What are doing right now as a new Muslim? i mean what`re u reading, watching, etc.? (I’m really curious about this, because according to me it`s so sweet to be interested in new Muslims. :) )

It’s been a whole learning process since I decided it was my way, everyday am learning more and more about Islam not only from books but from all my Muslim brothers as well, am also reading books about Muslim history and traditions, and as a Muslim I feel the duty of explaining Islam everywhere possible, so am sharing my experiences with people and showing the greatness of Islam whenever I can.

What`s the difference between catholic Santiago, and Muslim Santiago?

Well it’s a big difference, due to the fact that I wasn’t catholic before I was living under catholic rules and culture but always searching for answers, looking at life and trying to make sense of everything. Now as a Muslim I don’t need to look for answers anymore and everything has sense now, also one big difference of me being Muslim is that now I feel responsible for all the other people and I want them all to be on the right way, basically am seeing life from another point of view based in unity and love which makes me happier.

What`s your plans after this as a muslim? :)

Basically is to make the words of Islam go as far as I can do, like for example show and explain Islam to some communities in my country cause as an example most of the people I know in my hometown either now a few or nothing at all about it, therefore I would like to share my experiences with them and show them how my life has changed for good, cause one of my biggest dreams is to see the world one day being a whole Muslim brotherhood of unity and peace.

Inshaallah brother. Ok then, the last question: What do you want to say to young muslims? i think that everybody get useful things from your story, like me. :)

My message to all young Muslim brothers is that don’t let yourselves get into this world sins and temptations cause that is not the real freedom, we can find the real freedom by living following Quran and by doing everything for love to Allah, cause it doesn’t matter if you have to sacrifice something’s as long as you do it with love it will be no longer a sacrifice.

Ok brother, thank you so much for your good replies and interview.

Thank you, too.

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