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In England, six friends came together to be opposite of bad habits, and alcohol. They found some alternatives against this habits. This is a sport called Calisthenics. These young men refresh their bodies and minds with this sport. This team`s name is Bar-Zerkaz. We interview with this team`s founder, Sunny Hattersley, and we talked about Bar-Zerkaz`s activities.

First of all, can you tell me about yourself please?

Well my names Sunny I`m a muslim, im 19 and live in Britain in a city called Sheffield.

Were you born as a Muslim, or did you convert your religion?

I didnt revert, i was born a muslim... I am mixed race British/Pakistani. My father converted his religion.

We interview a lot of people who revert his/her religon to Islam, so I`m really interested in your father`s story. :)

Mmm well he found my moms and converted and they got married hes muslim now, thats it really ahaha. :))

What an interesting story brother. :) Just kidding. :) Well, can you tell me about your sport team, Bar-Zerkaz?

There`s not much to do in a non islamic country for a muslim... Everybody drinks alcohol near enough every day and parts non stop. :/ :/ So i created a team made up of six members we all have individual bar names one of the members is my cousin. :): But anyhow the team is based on a underground street sport called Calisthenics, its not very popular in the UK theres say 2 teams in london none where we live though. The sports very popular in countrys like the USA, Ukraine and Latvia not to mention many more.

Are all of your members Muslim?

All the members are not Muslim. Me, my cousin and my friend are, the other 3 don`t really have a religion... I let all kinds of people into my team, regardless of there religion, we are very open minded. :)

Well, tell me about your activities please.

Well Bar-Zerkaz aims are to be more well known, we want to represent for our side of the country, it would be great to someday get more bars built so it would encourage people to get off the streets stop drinking and live a healthy lifestyle while enjoying it. :) :)Were not too big atm the organisations only been up 5 or 6 months i think, we need more promotion somebody needs to help us out a bit and let people know about us, because its all for a good cause of living healthy and enjoying it whilst keeping fit! :)

What does Bar-Zerkaz`s mean?

Well Berzerker is where the name comes from, a berzerker is something with incredible strength. But i spell it BAR (because this sport is based on bars) Bar-Zerkaz. :)

I want to learn that, what are your Ramadan plans? You are interested in sport, so how will you do this?

Ramadan is tomorrow inshallah, well it will be hard this year... I usually find it easy but while trying to stay fit and keep Calisthenics up this time it will be hard, i will have to sacrifice some training time, lose some muscle and strength but i will be sure to hit it hard as soon as Ramadans over. :)

And the last question is about what you want to say to our readers.

I want to say Calisthenics is more than just an exercise and sport... Its serenity, its peaceful its something you can do to get away from the world and your troubles... While staying fit and building your desired body. Its a whole new lifestyle you fit it in everywhere and anywhere you can and the best part is its halal. :): Check out all our video, subscribe and like our facebook page. :)

Thank you so much for the interview. :)

Thank you, too.

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