Talker: Hatice Sari

This month we reached to the second widest country in the world, Canada. A gruop of young Muslim prepare a platform for being opposite of this world`s orders. It`s name is SPEAKout poetry. When I learnt about this formation, I`ve been following their works. I am really interested in SPEAKout poetry. For being example for us we interview with co-founder and manager of SPEAKout poetry, Besma Soltan.

Salam sister, firstly tell me about yourself please.

My name is Besma Soltan. I am a 24 year old Arab Canadian Muslim. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Enterprise Management in 2009. I like to read, walk, explore, and work in the community. I also have a passion for education, social innovation, and social entrepreneurship. I am originally from Iraq but I have been living in Canada for the past 12 years. I have a start-up business that is focused on User Experience Web and Mobile Design & Development. I also co-started a non-profit Organization known as SPEAKout Poetry.

Well, what is SPEAkout poetry? Can you introduce you organisation for our readers?

SPEAKout Poetry is a non-profit organization that has been in existence for over 3 years. It aims to inspire, entertain and educate through the art of spoken word. Our events are open to everyone with no restrictions or boundaries. We challenge the status-quo in the topics presented in our events, all while creating a space that is welcoming to everyone. For more information, check

Agreed about speking out for statu-quo. Poem is the biggest weapon that can touch people`s heart. Well, what are your plans for for SPEAKout poetry in the future?

In the near future, we plan to have regular spoken word workshops that use the skills needed by spoken word artists as transferable skills necessary in other fields. We also have several ideas that focus on youth and children.

How did you find your members for speakout poetry?

Various ways - some find SPEAKout not vice versa :) others apply when we seek positions and so on.

Is everybody Muslim?

Audience and participants wise, it has always been diverse in terms of culture and religion. Direct team wise, the core team has been majority Muslim, but all those involved in making the various events happen have been from various religious and cultural backgrounds.

Outside of these, I am curious about Islamic life in Canada. What do you want to say about this subject?

In my opinion, it`s what you make of it. You are free to choose how you define what an "Islamic life" to be and based on that, you choose your goals and direction in life.

What do you want to say to young Muslims?

Use your youth, time and energy to leave a mark that will remind generations of you for years and years. We are all here for a limited time; make the most out of it. JazakAllah khair.

Thank you so much for interview.

Thank you, too.

Hatice Sarı Tan'ın Yazısı.