Talker: Hatice Sari

Firstly can you introduce yourself please?

My name is obviously, Eloise. I`m 19, and live in Birmingham,UK.

Are you a student?

Yes, i`m in my first year of University.

Well, tell me about your story sister. How did you decided to be a Muslim?

I grew up Atheist, none of my family believe in God, although I was Christened as a child.I became friends with a Muslim sister in school and gradually became intrigued by Islam. So I took to the internet to find out a little bit about it. From that I became obsessed with Islam. Fell in love with it. I was amazed at how different real Islam was compared to how Islam is perceived in the Western News.

You said "I fell in love with Islam." I want to learn what is efected you.

I loved how amazing, composed and pious the Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wa sallam) was. He was such an amazing man subhanAllah. Someone that we should ALL look up to and try to emulate inshAllah. I loved the scientific side of Islam, for example some ayahs of the Qur`an state things which only scientists have found out recently examples;

-Fertilisation of certain plants is achieved by the wind (Surah 15:22)

-All matter is made up of minute particles (Surah 10:62) -Each human being has permanent individual fingerprints (Surah 75:4)

-The oxygen content of the air is reduced at higher altitudes (Surah 6: 125) I loved the position of women in Islam. How we were given all the rights that women have only recently been given (in the West).

Mashaallah. Well, do you see any difference on yourself?

Obviously when I became Muslim I had to change my whole lifestyle. I had to stop eating pork, stop drinking, stop free mixing with men etc I think since i`ve become Muslim I`m alot more humble and thankful alhamdulillah. I realise that this is just the dunya, its all just a test. I`ve also stopped swearing and cursing as much. Furthermore I feel like I respect and love my mother and family more.

We have a lot of obligation sister. Now I want to learn about your organisation at your university or country.

At our university there is such thing as an "isoc" (islamic society) - these societies ensure we have a prayer room on campus, there are lectures given by sheikhs every so often, there is an imam to lead the jummah prayer for the brothers. There is also "islamic awareness" weeks, we also raise money for our brothers and sisters who are suffering across the world etc. To be honest, I`m not doing much. The most I do is speak to girls/sisters interested in Islam. Tell them about my reversion to Islam and help answer their questions. I recently spoke to a sister on twitter about my reversion and on Sunday she told me she took her shahadah mashAllah! I still don`t feel fully comfortable giving dawah to non-Muslims, simply because I have only been Muslim for 14 months and I don`t feel like I know enough to spread the word of Islam. inshAllah in time I will gain the confidence, so at the moment I am only spreading dawah through my actions and character.

Understood. At least, what do you want to say young Muslims?

To stay away from haraam. It so upsetting to see Muslims chasing the lifestyle I left (chasing the dunya). Being Muslim is the biggest blessing in this dunya, sometimes people forget this. Look at Islam with a completely open heart, pray to Allah. Remember that Allah guides whom He wills.

Thank you so much for this valuable interview. May Allah always be with you.

Thank you, too.

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