We have been calling for a trouble since we published this magazine. We are saying that “Occupy yourself with a trouble; if you occupy yourself with a trouble, you will be able to understand yourself, causes of coming into the world and Allah’s  big ask from you.” The reason for this do we find people untrouble?.. No, on the contrary; we are saying that because we have found people preoccupied with their own troubles… Our call is to put fake troubles away and run after a real trouble… It is fact that nobody is untroubled. Everyone’s got a heaps of problem. Everybody is aware of this; one touch, to hear a thousand ouch . It isn’t noticed that most of the troubles are not real but fake. Almost all of the troubles are mundane, passable, resolvable and remediable things. In this occupation the acquired real troubles waste by reason of people who occupy themselves with these fake troubles. Of course people are actually harming themselves by doing so. Fake troubles are increasing like a strong darkness, flopping down on people like a nightmare and taking people’s breath away. When soul reach the level of disorder in this negative case, modern medicine is giving a name to it from a sense of duty: Depression.

In this issue’s cover subject is depression which we discussed is the disorder of modern-day. It is not only for youth; it starts at young age and go on to old age… But  we know that depression have a more destructive effect on the youth who work at self-knowledge, find oneself and self-understanding because of their age. We tried to analyze the subject what we had thought for a long time bringing up with asking experts for their opinion in the context of youth. What you read at the cover is what the conclusion is. We are created for a great purpose; so, going into depression should be so far from us. Yes, we aren’t created so as to go into depression… Well then why are we created? What are our essential troubles? These are hard questions. But answer is in no uncertain terms. Here is the answer:

“ Allah orders ‘…… die not except in a state of Islam.’ We should die as a Muslim by hook or by crook. This is the real trouble. Apart from that all other troubles are trivial.”

by Mehmet Lutfi ARSLAN

Mehmet Lütfi Arslan'ın Yazısı.