here is a selection of the most influential 500 muslims all over the world prepared every year by Georgetown University and strategical workshop of kingdom of Jordan. This year, we see a lot of Turkish people on the list. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Abdullah Gül, Hayrünnisa Gül, Ahmet Davutoğlu, Necmettin Erbakan, Ali Bardakoğlu, Mustafa Çağrıcı, Hayrettin Karaman, Adnan Oktar, Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, Fuat Sezgin, Mehmet Aydın, Halit Eren, Mehmet Görmez, Ekrem Dumanlı, Mustafa Özcan Güneşdoğdu, Fatma Benli, Ali Bulaç, Hasan Çelebi, Rabia Yalçın, Merve Kavakçı. These people are separated on different lists according their province and contribution in their field of interest. The list has 15 category such as academical, political, youth, science, art or cultural.

In the list of 500 most influential muslims, people who take young community as a field of interest took our attraction the most. As I mentioned, there are 12 people in that category. There are noone from Turkey in that category; however, it is our mission to learn who they are or what they are doing as long as they are our muslim brothers and sisters. What we should do in that case is to recognize them and follow their path with the hope that we became one of the most influential young muslims like them one day. Alright, lets have a brief look at them starting with;

Young programmer of the Saudi TV channel

1. Mustafa Hüsnü (Egypt): A tv programmer at channel named Iqraa, a teacher at international private school and a volunteer in projects which are about addiction. He took his education on commerce, but after a while he decided to devote himself on Islamic studies. His programs on TV mostly attract young people. He has his own way to deliver his Islamic views and comments on different topics, and that makes his field of influence enhance.

Guitarist notifier

2. Muaz Mesud (Egypt) : Mesud is also a tv programmer, moreover, he is pursuing a PhD in religion studies. What made Mesud a passioned young muslim is the fatal illness that he suffered at the past, he says. While he was ill, he sweared to Allah that if he survives he will devote himself to the path of Islam. After his recovery, he enhanced his knowledge in Qor’an and thanks to his skills to use social media, he became a qualified TV programmer who teaches the young generation how to be modern and pious at the same time. Also he is good at guitar and that contributes to his popularity among young muslims.

Owner of the cafe saying ‘hello young man!’

3. Ahmet El Shugari (Saudi Arabia): A TV programmer and owner of the Endulus cafe which is popular among young people. While he was working in his family corporation, he had an offer from his friend that if he wants to host a Tv program called ‘hey young man!’. He accepted the offer although he had no education at religion. He is the first person ever mentioned in the article named “there is a revolution happening in islamic geography” in TIME. He is beloved among young muslims with his views on how to handle modern life without losing your religious belief.

Head of the student association

4. Muhammed Abass (Ghana): As we know, Ghana is the place where a lot of hardworking religious missionaries are active and the will of Abass’s organization is to prevent muslim brothers from all that kind of negativity. They are trying to be a model to young muslims by their social services and other kind of activities.

Protector of Afghan orphans

5. Andeisha Ferid (Afghanistan): A business woman who cares for children. Founder of “education and caring of afghan children association”. She is only 26 years old. The foundation that she leads is working on education and maintenance of orphans in afghanistan and Pakistan. She have been awarded by prominent foundations in USA and they stated her as the protector of orphans. She worked in USA foundations from the beginning, unfortunate coincidence that USA soldiers broke into her father’s house and took her family to custody forcingly in the last August.

Young Broadcaster

6. Irfan Amalee (Indonesia): His productions are mostly appealed by youth. “Generation of peace” named program which is created by him allows him to raise peace volunteers and publish educational books about world peace. Also he is the founder of Retas Magazine which has 50.000 young people as members. At 2008, he was awarded as “young creative broadcaster” by British council.

Administrator from Moro

7. Samira Gutoc Tomawis (Phlippines): Founder of “young professionals of Moro”, organisator of Philippines’ Islam and democracy consule, project manager of platform named “youth of Mindanao speaks”. His influence arises through his good communication with social media.

Portal manager from Singapore

8. Muhammed Nasır (Indonesia): Administrator of portal named “” which is active in Singapore. He is graduated from Staffordshire University. He worked in organisations such as Dar-ul Erkam and AbdulAlim Siddik Mosque to convey the message of Islam. He did great contribution to inform Islamic geography what kind of Islamic studies have been done and what is needed to be done in Singapore.

A helpline volunteer

9.Muhammed Mamdani (England): Founder of Muslim Youth Helpline. He was only in his 18 when he started this Project as a simple forum and now it became a massive helping organisation. The helpline includes telephone line and interactive website and it is totaly free due to the fact that it works with only volunteer contributions. The text at the introduction to the website is like a summary of this organisation; “ we are not allowed to question the reason why u called, we do not take your name and u may end the call whenever you want.”

Rugby Player that never skips prayers

10. Bachar Houli (Australia): Lebanese originated Australian Rugby player. He is known as his positive statements about being a muslim in the news media. He always highlights that he wants to be succesful rugby player and a muslim that fulfils his duty against Allah. He became one of the most important persons in Australian muslim population due to the fact that he represents fine example for youths of Australia.

From drug addiction to Rap for Rab

11. Hamza Perez (USA): The documentary “New Muslim Cool” is inspired from Perez’s life story, a life story from being a gangster rapper who has drug addiction to a muslim who Works for muslim community. “New Muslim Cool”, made in 2009, is about difficulty of living in USA as young muslim after 9/11. Hamza was a drug dealer but he wasn’t happy at all and he found Islam which changed his whole life. Now he is fighting against things what he did in his old life.

Muslim preacher son of a christian preacher father

12. Imam Suhaib Webb (USA): Oklahoman inviter of Islam, studying at Ezher and taking care of muslim youth. His father was a preacher at church, after Webb lost his interest in christianity at his 14, he started to do hiphop. He was affected by the muslim people who are also hiphoppers and he became muslim at his 20. His statements and attitudes are influencing a mass young population of USA. He also made a website to convey his message on the internet. He is a member of muslim American society, moreover, he is giving lessons at institute of Almaghrib.

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